Jun 6, 2009

Gnomon Gallery Show

I was really exited when I was asked to submit my work "Zaark" for the Gnomon Gallery.
The show is on 6th July 09,at Gnomon. 23 artists from the Pixologic Action Hero Contest
will be featured with both 2d and 3d prints.This is my first time that any of my art work is
getting into a gallery so I am super exited.

I wish I could go and check out the gallery, specially want to see the 3d prints.Anyways If someone goes there , please take some pics and videos and do let me know.

More info about the gallery here http://www.gnomongallery.com/next.php


Gulzar said...

Masha Allah. Congratulation brother! very happy to see your work!

showing it to my fellow brothers here!
Keep it up!
I will be here more often!

keep well!
Khuda Hafiz

Noor Mohammed said...

I am glad to see this blog brother!

demon said...

Masha-Allah congrats.

V said...


VINOD MORE said...

Hi, Anuz nice to c u there on my blog... and congrats to u also for being a GNOMON artist. it's a really great honor for us to c u in gnomon art gallery. wish u all the best and keep in touch.