Oct 19, 2013

Finally my website is online

                                                 Finally I have my website ,Check it out http://www.mdanuz.com/

Mar 8, 2013



Nov 3, 2012

Male Anatomy

Jul 30, 2012

Based on kevin keele's Concept Devil Boss

Model Sculpted and rendered in Zbrush

Feb 28, 2012

Black mumba

Model Sculpted and renders in Zbrush 4 r2 ,Mixed 2 Materials to get the black glossy skin.Bpr
Filter was really handy to get some noise ,blur  and some more enhancement on the overall Image.


Concept by Kevin Keeler.Started it to experiment Zbrush fiber system.Lot of work left on the beard and the over all features.


Aug 21, 2011

Superman Caught Sneaking out of the Earth

This was a fun experiment done using my old Superman

Indian Bison (Gaur)

Continuing with my Animal study ,Its a Indian Bison this time.


Mar 27, 2011


Continuing with  Animal Anatomy Study

Feb 17, 2011

African Bull Elephant

Learning Animal Anatomy

Dec 19, 2010